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Invorg Webinar

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Webinar on E6-IRMP (Incidents and Risks Platform)

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Duration Cost Speakers
30 - 45 minutes
No cost to attendees
Presenters- Joseph Edward, CIO and Manjit Gill, Senior Business Analyst
Host- Kate Campbell, Client Engagement Specialist

Please note that this webinar has been postponed until further notice. Thank you.

Webinar on E6-CRMiaaS (Client Centered Care Platform)

According to Gartner, “CRM (Client Relationship Management) platform must be at the heart of every digital transformation”. Unfortunately, many CRM implementations haven’t delivered the expected business benefits due to poor implementations. CRM must be implemented as a business strategy rather than a technical solution.

Webinar on E6-IRMP (Incidents and Risks Management Platform)

E6-IRMP (Incidents and Risks Management Platform) is an innovative and secure platform that enables organizations to collect and manage the incidents from a single repository, and escalate the incidents to the appropriate personnel when necessary. This enables effective incident management and analysis of mechanisms to reduce and/or eliminate risks.

Past webinars

Digital Transformation of Settlement Services Webinar

Settlement agencies are expected to deliver excellent service at a fraction of the cost to newcomers. In today’s world, this is becoming increasingly challenging and settlement services are finding themselves stretched to the limits. The answer is digital transformation.

In this webinar, we discuss how critical digital transformation is for any agency to sustain and improve their organization and to deliver an enriching experience to newcomers.

Presented by Joseph Edward and Marco Campana
Hosted by Kate Campbell on 6th November

STEM Webinar

Partnership (EoT) Engineers of Tomorrow Rebecca White and moderated by Kate Campbell – May 6th 2020 12 pm & 7 pm

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